About Us

Being a sport nerd, you spend your weekends binging on TV, watching different sports. Tonight, while devouring down a whole bowl of pop-corns, you have come across a pretty interesting sport. You are enjoying every bit of it.

Maybe it’s the physical fitness of these athletes that’s intriguing you. Or maybe it’s their mental agility. Or maybe it’s the overwhelming combination of both!

And look, the equipment they are using is fascinating.

But the problem is, you don’t even know the name of this sport. And you’re unable to understand what’s happening. The game looks fascinating, but you have no idea about the rules.


That’s why we started Sports Regulations!!!

A one-stop shop to learn the rules and regulations of hundreds of popular sports played all around the world. This website brings sports played in different continents under a single roof.

So when the next time you’ll come across any unfamiliar sport, you won’t have to fret about not knowing its rules.

What Kinds Of Sports Are Covered In it?

In Sports Regulations, you’re going to learn about rules, equipment, and playing area (including dimensions) of 100+ sports. Some of these are played underwater, while some are on the surface of water.

Some of them are played inside rings, while some in open grounds. Some are indoor games, while some require certain weather or environment (like games played on icy surfaces).

All famous sports with their own World Cup events, part of Olympics, and recognized internationally are covered here.

Learn More About Our Team…

As it goes without saying, Sports Regulations is not an individual’s effort. This site is a result of months of effort of sport writers, designers, and developers. Our team has worked on several other projects, you’ll surely find them useful.