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Rules of Netball | How it is Played?

It won’t be wrong to deem Netball a modified version of Basketball. But, it’s not exactly the same as basketball which is why it is recognized as a separate game. This game has been especially associated with women because as per the history, this game was derived from basketball but with little changes in rules […]

Rules of Modern Pentathlon | How it is Played?

Modern Pentathlon is a combination of multiple sports, but the unique thing about this sporting event is an athlete has to participate in all these 5 sports in some sequence. These include Fencing, Swimming, Jumping, combined pistol shooting and cross-country race. All these sports have some specifications regarding the jumping, running and swimming course. Despite […]

Rules of Beer Pong | How it is Played?

Beer pong is not a competitive sport but a mere source of entertainment in pubs and playing arenas where people get together to wind down during weekends and have some fun. In communities where Beer is legal they use Beer while in Beer-prohibited societies a cup of water is a nice and inexpensive substitute. There […]

Rules of Foosball | How it is Played?

Not everyone has the fitness and stamina required to run during a football, which is why you’d see many football admirers content with playing Football on video games rather than competing in the practical game. Foosball, or sometimes known as Table Football, is a great substitute if you don’t want to run around the field […]

Rules of Carrom | How it is Played?

The game of carrom is one of those indoor games which are more popular in Asian countries than anywhere else. Probably because of the fact it is Indian origin, the game is popular in different Asian countries India and Pakistan where it is equal to Billiards and Pool in European pubs. It’s a casual sport […]

Rules of Kelly Pool | How it is Played?

It is possible that you may have known this game from a different name, peal pool, pill pool Keelay, Killy or the Keilley game. Regardless of the fact whatever you call this game, the rules of the game remain the same or in simple words, all these names are of one single game. According to […]

Rules Of Softball | How it is Played?

Softball is another modified version of baseball which is quite popular in the USA, particularly in North America. The earliest known game of Softball was played in Chicago in 1887. The match took place at the Farragut Boat Club, where a nasty incident took place. A Yale Alumni student who was attending a gathering witnessing […]

Rules of Thumb Wrestling | How it is Played?

There are all sorts of games out there, some require physical fitness while some require mental agility, and the most competitive ones require both. Amid the unprecedented development and activities revolving around some of the toughest sports in the world, Thumb Wrestling brings fun and competition both. The best bit is, it is safe! Thumb […]

Rules of Wallyball | How it is Played?

Wallyball, which is also known as a close relative of Volleyball in terms of rules and playing technique, is a fast-paced sport played in a Racquetball court, where it’s perfectly legal to hit the ball off the walls. The game is believed to have roots in an earlier game known as Deckerball, it was played […]

Rules of Tee-Ball | How it is Played?

Considering the unprecedented popularity of baseball in America, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many modified versions of baseball are in practice in the region, for the real version of baseball is considered inappropriate for kids and casual players. As compared to baseball, it is relatively easier and safe. The origins of this game […]