Rules of Diving | How it is Played?

Diving is a water sport practiced in different forms around the world. The sport of diving is very simple, free of dispute and hardly requires any such equipment to enjoy it. Not only divers enjoy this healthy and competitive sport but people all over the world excitedly follow them and new records are made everywhere.

Rules of Diving

The important thing to note here is that Diving all over the world is little different in terms of rule and point scoring, but the basics of the game remain the same. The game is also played in the Olympics now in which competitors dive into a pool from springboards or platforms of varying heights.

Object of Diving

The object of diving is simple, you have to score more points in a series of dives than your competitors. After a series of dives, the player with the most points wins the game.

How to Play?

As the name suggests, the game revolves around divers of all genders diving in the water from a certain height and they have to earn points by diving in a sophisticated and legit fashion. The perfect your dive is the more likely you are going to earn more points.

However, there are some factors which hold cardinal importance in what marks judges give to a certain player. If you are curious to find out what perfections you need to dive like a professional, keep reading till the end.

Time Duration for Diving

Every dive is complete in 2-3 minutes. The total duration of a diving competition depends on the number of players participating in it.

Types of Diving

There are casual diving competitions and springboard diving competitions.

Casual diving is the diving that can take place anywhere with a pool area in front of you while the springboard diving is usually held in tournaments like olympics. The rules for both types of diving are different but the basic object of that game remains the same i.e. to dive impeccably.

You get the chance to dive once or multiple times in a tournament and the better you dive and the more diving styles you show, the more likely judges are going to give good marks.

Scoring in Diving

It’s all about perfection and your perfection is judged by experienced judges. Judges see your every dive and award points out of 10.

Here are different scores out of 10 and what they mean:

  • 0: Completely Failed
  • ½ – 2 = Unsatisfactory
  • 2½ – 4½ =Deficient
  • 5 – 6½ =Satisfactory
  • 7 – 8 =Good
  • 8½ – 9½ = Very good
  • 10 = Excellent

Scoring Position Parameters in Diving

A typical pool dive consists of these phases and based on them, judges leave marks on paper.

Starting Position: How well you execute your dive is one of the important factors considered by judges before giving your marks.

Take Off: A good take off is the one that is well balanced and controlled.

Flight: And how well you fly is perhaps the most important phase. The rotation and revolution should be impeccable.

Entry: You should go straight into the water with intended angle and minimum amount of splash.


No specific equipment is required for diving. You can wear diving glasses if you want to.

Pool Area

The area of pool and depth varies as there are no specific limits.

Governing Body

Countries have their own Diving Associations which take care of the game in their respective countries.