Rules of Dodgeball | How it is Played?

Dodgeball is a team sport which requires a fair amount of fitness and agility. Two teams compete against each other and try to throw the ball and hit their opponents. This is one of the simplest games you can play anywhere with no risk of injury and no equipment required. It’s one of the inexpensive and injury-free sports in the world.

Rules of Dodgeball

There is no such history of the game, apparently, the game was developed in casual playing arenas where kids would run behind each other and eliminate them by tapping them. In dodgeball, this elimination is done by throwing the ball at your opponent, or, also, some theories may suggest that this game is driven from Frisbee.

Object of the Game

There is no point scoring in Dodgeballs. All you have to do is to eliminate the members of the opposition team, the team which eliminates all opposite team’s members wins the game.

How to Play?

Dodgeball is played with a ball between two teams of equal number of players. Teams try to eliminate all of their opposition’s players by hitting them with the ball. Teams win matches by eliminating all of their opposition’s players.

However, it’s not as simple as it sounds to be. Before you start playing Dodgeball, you need to understand what are the conditions that lead to disqualification of a player and if there is a legal way to block or catch the ball. Find out everything in the rules below.

General Rules of Dodgeball

  • The number of players per side must be the same.
  • The number of players per side is usually determined by the organisers of a particular tournament.
  • The game commences with an opening rush, a certain number of balls are placed in the middle line dividing the two halves.
  • Players from each side simultaneously grab the ball and throw it to their opponent or to their team mate.
  • If there are 6 balls placed on the middle line then 6 players from each side stand on the baseline until the whistle blows and they charge on the balls. They can grab as many balls as they can and hit their opponent with it.
  • No physical contact is allowed.
  • Players can’t run outside the court, any player who goes outside is eliminated from the game.
  • You can eliminate your opposite player by hitting him with the ball.
  • If the ball ricochets after hitting one player and hits another player, only the first player will be eliminated.
  • If the opposite player catches the ball in your attempt, then you’ll be eliminated from the game.

Time Duration of Dodgeball

There is no time limit, the game goes on until one of the teams eliminates all members of the other side. In other words, the time duration of a dodgeball game depends upon the number of players per side and their skill levels.

Playing Court

Dodgeball is a casual sport that can be played anywhere from grassy lawns to indoor playing arenas, there are no published dimensions of the field. A general rule of thumb says the more players are participating from each side the more space you need.

The only markings needed on the field is the endline of the court which a player must not cross, these measurements are marked as per the total area of the ground. If a player steps out of this line, they are disqualified from the game.

The court is always divided into two halves, there is a line drawn in the middle of the court.

Playing Equipment

The only equipment required for dodgeball is a ball, and this ball is free from any restrictions on dimensions on shape. Moreover, it depends upon the age of players participating in the game and preferences of the organisers. In general, the ball used in it is lightweight and of circular shape.


Each dodgeball game is supervised by two referees. Actually these referees are players from other teams in the league, their job is to ensure that all rules are being followed and the game is played in a fair and sporting fashion.

Famous Dodgeball Events

The World Dodgeball Championship of men and women is the most famous event of the sport. Moreover, several other domestic level tournaments are held in countries where the game is popular and has professional domestic teams.

Governing Body

World Dodgeball Federation is the governing body of the sports which caters all international events.