Rules of Kickball | How it is Played?

Kickball, which is also known as a Soccer baseball in Canada, is a league game similar to baseball.

Despite the fact that the game is greatly popular in Canada, it was invented in the USA by Nicholas C Seusss. The game is particularly popular among young ones with the ability to run fast and long enough to last for the whole game.

Rules of Kickball

The game contains elements of both baseball and soccer. One team tries to score when its players return a ball from home base to the field, and then circle the bases. The other team tries to stop their opponent by tagging them out.

Unlike baseball, which is considered unsafe for kids, it’s a safe sport for everyone including school kids and it is played mainly in schools in their sports sessions. However, adults can also play this game as the rules and scoring in it is full of fun and intensive running throughout the game helps one to keep himself in good shape.

Object of Playing Kickball

The object of the game is to score more runs than your opponent. Runs are scored by kicking the ball and then running the bases. Except for the fact that runs are scored by kicking the ball instead of hitting a baseball with the bat, the run scoring in this game is quite similar to baseball.

How to Play?

Kickball is played in a similar fashion as baseball but the pitcher is supposed to kick the ball towards the better instead of throwing it. Similarly, the batter kicks the ball anywhere in the field and starts running bases to score runs for his team.

As compared to baseball, Kickball is a casual game but still it has some rules to follow to keep the game nice and fair. There are rules for a pitcher, batter and fielders, which they must follow. To find out what they are, read the general rules of Kickball.

General Rules of Kickball

  • Any number of players can play for each side. But they must be equal for both. If side A has 10 number of players then side B must also have 10 to make it a fair competition.
  • Just like in baseball, we have a kicker in the striking zone from one side and a pitcher in his box, and his teammates fielding around the area.
  • The pitcher here kicks the ball to the opponent, who is like a batter from the other side. The supposed-batter kicks the ball anywhere and starts running bases.
  • There are 4 bases, and by running all 4 bases, a single run is scored.
  • A player can be out when he is caught in the field, tagged while running or he fails to make it to the base while running before the fielder on the base collects the ball.
  • A pitcher pitches by kicking the ball and the batter also uses his legs to hit it anywhere in the gap. However, fielders can collect the ball with hands to throw it back to the suitable base and the pitcher can also receive it with hands to run out the batter.
  • This is kind of a casual form of baseball and players are expected to show sportsman spirit. In case of any kind of cheating or poor sportsmanship, the referee can ask a player to leave the field.
  • In the end, after a decided number of innings, the team with the most points is declared winner.


With the help of a coin toss or any other convenient way, it is determined which team will bat first.

Time Duration of a Game

Each game consists of 6 innings, however, there are no restrictions. Teams can reduce or increase the number of innings. The time length of a Kickball game depends upon how long each innings lasts.

Playing Field

There are no specific dimensions for the playing field, but the bases should be at least 20 feet apart from each other. There are 4 diamond shaped bases which players have to run, just like in a baseball field.

Similarly, there is a pitching area for pitcher and kicking area for batter. You can mark these areas as per your convenience and total area available.

Playing Equipment

All you need for Kickball is a ball. This ball is normally made of inflated rubber and its circumference varies between 8-16 inches.

Referee Role

There can be up to 3 referees in a Kickball game. Their job is to maintain order in the game and give unbiased verdicts on outs.

Draw Games

If both the teams have equal number of runs at the end of the game, then one kicker is chosen from each team and they get one shot each at the second base from the batting box/home box. The kicker who kicks the ball closest to second base wins the game for his team.

Famous Kickball Tournaments

Multiple Kickball tournaments seek the attention of millions of followers. Most of these tournaments are played at national level in countries like the USA where the game is quite popular.

Moreover, the World Kickball Championship is also held after some time in which teams representing their respective countries participate and play their role in the growth of the game.

Governing Body

The World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA) is the largest governing body for the sport at international level. It was founded in 1998, in Washington DC. Moreover, several other governing bodies are sanctioning the game in their respective countries where the game is played with little variations in the rules and field.