Rules of Rounders | How it is Played?

Baseball is a tough game, yet it is quite popular in European countries. But the problem is, not everywhere you can have a ground to enjoy a game of baseball and it is likely that most of the time you won’t have enough players to play baseball. So, what’s the solution?

Rounders could be a good substitute if you are passionate about baseball but don’t have the resource to play it.

Rules of Rounders

Surprisingly, it is not a modern game but it dates back to 1744 where people literally started to hit a ball with the stick and later it evolved as a complete game. The game is immensely popular in British and Irish schools and as per one estimation, more than 7 million children in the UK play this game. If you haven’t heard of this name before, this must come as a surprise for you but it is really that popular there.

Object of Playing Rounders

The object of the game is to score more points than your opponent. The funny side about this game is that up to 50 players can play per side and each of them bat. It is played with a bat and rounders ball. There are 4 bases around the batting area and upon running these all 4 bases a run is scored If you reach second or third base you get half run. In the end, the team with the most number of runs is declared winner.

How to Play?

Rounders is an exciting game which involves 4 bases and up to 50 players can be part of a single team. Every team gets a chance to bat and bowl once, the team scoring more runs after the end of game wins the match. Just like baseball, runs are scored by hitting the ball anywhere in the field during your batting turn, while the pitchers and fielders try to stop you by pitching and fielding well.

There are some rules regarding pitching, and rules about how to get a better out can be really confusing. But if you want to learn more about this game, you can find out everything in the general rules of Rounders.

General Rules of the Game

  • You can hold the bat with one hand and both hands as well, both ways are legal.
  • Once you have made connection with the ball, you must run to any of the 4 bases. You get nothing for running to the 1st base.
  • If you reach the 4th base in pieces, you get one run. A run in Rounder is also called a Rounder.
  • If you reach second or third base, you get half a run.
  • If you run all 4 bases at once, you get 2 runs. This is called a home run.
  • A bowler can bowl only underarm deliveries. Otherwise it’d be a no ball.
  • Similarly, every above waist height bowl or below knew there would be a no ball.
  • Bowler must bowl from behind the pitching area and the bowl must not be too wide for the batter to hit, this’d also count as a no ball. Although there is no specific measurement how wide the line indicating the wide ball should be.
  • If the pitcher bowls 2 consecutive no balls, you get half a run.
  • Players can be given out for being caught in the field, stumped before reaching the base, throwing the bat or losing contact with the batting post before the ball is bowled and for footing outside the batting square while batting.
  • You are also given out when you bump into or collide with another batter during running.
  • As per English rules, the fielding team can field 6 players but this may vary if the team is competing for fun and it is supposed to be just a casual game.

Time Duration of Rounders

Time duration of the game depends upon how long the game goes on. You can imagine how long a game of rounders would last if a team actually starts playing 50 players per side. A typical Rounders game would last for at least 2 or more hours.

Rounders Playing Field

In general, the field is free of any such measurements, all you need is a batting box and 4 different bases around which batters run.

Different federations in England have specified their own measurements, however it hardly matters because the game is not played at international level yet. You can mark bases and batting box as per your comfort, this is what casual players do in England.

Rounders Playing Equipment

You need a bat/racket or anything to hit the ball. And this ball can be any type of ball, there are no specifications because it is mostly played by children at school level. However, in professional level rounder games played in England, following specifications are followed:

Ball: The ball used by players must be between 180 millimetres (7.1 in) and 200 millimetres (7.9 in).

Bat: The bat must not be no more than 460 millimetres (18 in) in length and 170 millimetres (6.7 in) in diameter. The bat must not be heavier than 370 grams.


For fair play, an umpire stands on the field who give his judgement on outs, runs and no balls.

Roles of Players

Pitcher: Pitcher is the one who bowls to the batter.

Batter: Batter hits the ball anywhere to fetch runs.

Fielders: They try to catch or pick up the ball after a shot and give it back to the pitcher.

Keeper: A keeper stands behind the batter in the batting box to collect bowls missed by the batter.

Governing Body

The game of Rounder is yet to have an international governing body for the game. However, there is a Rounders England governing body which governs the laws of the game and different level tournaments played in Britain.

Difference Between Baseball and Rounders

Due to its similarities with baseball, we have pointed out some of the main differences that will further help you to understand this game better.

Area of Comparison Baseball Rounders
Played in Baseball stadium It can be played anywhere with enough space for fielding and bases
Number of players per side 9 Up to 50
Played with Baseball ball and bat Any type of ball and bat/racket
Bat grip Must be two-handed You can grip your bat with one hand as well
International recognized Yes Not yet
Set of rules Strict set of rules Less rules and a casual sport