Rules of Shuffleboard | How it is Played?

Not just in technology, but the world has made substantial levels of progress when it comes to developing ingenious and creative sports.

Shuffleboard is one of those innovations that is believed to have originated from a similar game played in Europe for 500-600 years but this one is probably its modified version and more exciting.

Rules of Shuffleboard

The game involves paddles to shove pucks towards a target area and there are many variants within the game. It is also known as floor board.

Object of Playing Shuffleboard

Using pucks, you have to propel the weighted pucks into the scoring zone and that’s how you win points.

How to Play?

Shuffleboard involves players having separate pucks which they hit on the shuffleboard to score a certain number of points. The farther you hit on the board, the more points you’ll get. Players have to be careful of not throwing their pucks in the gutter sides. Players take alternative turns and hit only one of their pucks at a time.

Before you start playing Shuffleboard, you need to learn about legit hitting techniques and how you can strip your opponent of points by hitting his puck in the gutter zone. For unambiguous learning of rules of Shuffleboard, give the next section a thorough read.

General Rules of Shuffleboard

  • Two players usually compete against each other with their pucks either red or black.
  • They take alternative turns.
  • There are points markings. The point at which your ball stops is accredited to your account.
  • The point marking starts from 1 and goes up to 3.
  • You get 4 turns or in other words you get the chance to send 4 pucks towards the point markings alternatively in one round.
  • The side slopes are called gutters, and the puck falling in them doesn’t count as a point.
  • And there is a foul line, at the beginning of each side. If your weights/disc/pucks don’t go past this line, you won’t get any point. Any puck going past this line and stopping at the 1-point mark or before it would count as 1 point.
  • And the puck stopping at 2 point or 3 point accounts for the same number of points accredited in your account.
  • Both players play from the same side.
  • Every new round is played on the other side.
  • You can also knock-off your opponent’s weight into the gutter sides, in this case, his weight won’t account for any point.
  • In the end, the player with the most points/most round wins is declared winner of the game.


Who’ll send the weights first is decided by a coin toss. Usually, it doesn’t make any difference because both players get an equal number of turns.

Time Duration

There is no time limit, it depends upon whether you are using points scored to determine the winner in one round or playing 10 rounds or more and the player with the most number of round wins would be declared winner. One round of shuffleboard is completed in less than 10 minutes.

Playing Field

Shuffleboard game courts are available for use on residential decks or on any solid surface. A standard level court is usually 30 ft long and 5 ft wide. The mats used over them are also available in different sizes.

Playing Equipment

The game is played with discs, one player gets 4 discs. These discs are also known as pucks. You can use a cue to push these discs or push them with hands. These discs are usually of yellow, black and red colour. Each disc can weigh up to 15 ounces.

If you are using a cue stick to hit them, this cue stick can measure up to 6 feet and 3 inches.

Referee’s role

In professional games, a referee is supposed to supervise the whole game. His responsibility is to maintain order in the game and give unbiased decisions. Generally, everything is very unambiguous in Shuffleboards but still, the referee’s presence makes this game look formal.

Wax Spray

Just like carrom powder, wax is sprayed over the surface to ensure that the weights travel at a decent pace. Silicon is used in these wax sprays and the speed of the weight upon hitting is directly proportional to the amount of silicon in the wax spray.

The Point Scoring May Vary

Keep in mind that shuffleboard is still considered a casual game which people play during their leisure hours. The game of shuffleboard is also very popular on ships and other such areas where a shuffleboard table can be placed or you can make markings yourself on any random surface. Similarly, the point scoring methods may differ.

For instance, instead of 1,2 and 3 points marks, people can choose to name them as 10, 20 and 30 marks. And you can also introduce laws that may strip players of some points if they send their weight in the gutter or off the surface.

Famous Shuffleboard Tournaments

The World Shuffleboard Championship is the most famous tournament that takes place after a couple of years or sometimes after bigger gaps. Unfortunately, not many teams participate in the tournament as very few countries have teams and players of shuffleboard at national level.

Governing Body

Though the game is not really popular, it still has a governing body. The ISA (International Shuffleboard Federation) is responsible for promoting the game and fostering it through international tournaments.

The first Shuffleboard championship was held in Muskegon, Michigan in which the teams from Canada, USA and Japan participated.